Press Release: Modern Art for Modern Living

It is no secret that modern life is hectic. We’ve all experienced it for ourselves. It seems there is always a new application or appliance that will make life ‘easier’, but despite this, increasingly the work / life balance seems less attainable. In this modern era of technology we are constantly contactable and therefore accountable, which means we find it harder and harder to simply switch off from the digital world.

Engaging with visual art improves stress and gives an immediate release of dopamine – it basically has the same effect on your brain as falling in love. And why wouldn’t you want to fall in love every day?

Fen Ditton Gallery’s upcoming show Modern Art for Modern Living exhibits a selection of contemporary artworks and prints that explore and enhance modern life. From landscapes to lose yourself in to studies of modern-day human interaction, Fen Ditton Gallery presents the antidote to technology: art.

Exhibiting artists: Lotte Attwood, Rosemary Cullum, Nigel Hall RA, Katharine Le Hardy, Justin Hawkes, Felix Higham, Harriet Hoult, Iona Howard, Alice Kirkham and Roger Law